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Middle Ages

Church Modes

Medieval Tropes and Sequences

Notre Dame School

Formes Fixes

Ars Nova in France

Ars Nova in Italy

The Music of Guillaume de Machaut


Josquin and His Music

The Music and Style of Palestrina

The Italian Madrigal

Instrumental Music

The Music of Monteverdi

The Transition from Renaissance to Baroque (1575-1625)

The Florentine Camerata

The Enigmatic Duo:  (Adriano Willaert's Famous "Quid non ebrietas" )


Bach's Fugue

Bach's Musical Offering and Art of Fugue

The Concerto Grosso

Sonata da camera / Sonata da chiesa

The Instrumental Suites of Bach

Handel's Water Music

The Operas of Handel

The Oratorios of Handel

The Cantata

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Style Galant

Empfindsamer Stil

The Mannheim School

The Operas of Mozart

Mozart's "Le Nozze di Figaro"

Mozart's Clavier-Violin Sonata in E min. (K. 304)

The Concertos of Mozart

Mozart's Concerto 1st-Movement Form

The Symphonies of Haydn

Haydn's Choral Music

Haydn's String Quartet, Op. 20, No. 1 (Hob. III:31) in Eb Maj. (1772)

The Three Periods of Beethoven

The Piano Sonatas of Beethoven

The String Quartets of Beethoven


Piano Literature

The Symphonic Poem

German Lieder

19th-Century Choral Music

The Operas and Music Dramas of Wagner

Wagner's Ring

The Operas of Puccini

Mahler:  Music and Musical Style

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20th Century

Claude Debussy's Musical Style

Béla Bartók's Musical Style

20th-Century Movements

Jazz: An Overview of Its Evolution

Stravinsky and His Music

The Music of Stravinsky:  An Overview


Schoenberg and His Music

An Overview of Schoenberg's Music

The Second Viennese School of Composers

Charles Ives' Musical Style

20th-Century Symphonists


The Operas of Philip Glass

An Overview of Contemporary Composers

The Golden Mean and Fibinacci Series

Contemporary Music: Change or Repetition?

The 20 Most Influential Composers of the 20th Century:  (A Personal Perspective)

Aaron Jay Kernis' Colored Field and Still Movement with Hymn: A Review of the Recording

John Tavener's The Repentant Thief: A Review of the Recording

Tan Dun's Ghost Opera: A Review of the Recording

Multi-Era Topics

The Motet

The Chanson

The Art Song

The Instrumental Suite

The Sonata

The Sonata-Allegro Form

The String Quartet

The Concerto

The Symphony


The Oratorio

The Fugue

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Benjamin Britten's "Glorianna"

The Eternal Student:  The Symphonies of Bruckner

John Cage:  An Autobiographical Statement

"Music: Does It Have a Future"  by George Crumb

Several Articles Dealing with Morton Feldman

Articles, Interviews, Opinions, etc. about Philip Glass

The Operas of Philip Glass

Articles on Erik Satie

Alexander Scriabin:  An Essential Guide

Serious Immobilities: On the centenary of Erik Satie's Vexations

Digital Technology and the Performing Arts

Arnold Shoenberg:  The American Works

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