Mahler:  Music and Musical Style

Mahler's importance to the evolution of modern music is very great;  the early works of Schoenberg and Berg show the influence of Mahler's concepts.

Better known as a conductor in his lifetime, he primarily composed vocal music and symphonic works.  He was inspired by

Mahler directed the Vienna Opera from 1897-1907 and the New York Philharmonic Society from 1909-1911.  He brought the Vienna Opera to greatness by:


Mahler was General style traits Melodic style Harmonic style Orchestration style Formal Construction

Vocal Music

Mahler was very literary minded and wrote many vocal works.  Three important early works are: Later: Mahler wrote NO OPERAS.


He wrote 9 symphonies (plus one incomplete). Symphony No. 1 (1889) - "Titan" Symphony No. 2 (1888-94) - "Resurrection" Symphony No. 3 (1896) Symphony No. 4 Symphony No. 5 (1904)

Symphony No. 6 (1904)

Symphony No. 7 (1905)

Symphony No. 8 - "Symphony of a Thousand"

Symphony No. 9 (1909)

Symphony No. 10 (1910) - unfinished