Operas by Philip Glass


[1] Einstein on the Beach (1976)

Einstein,Tyson street,BAM,1984 (Tom Caravaglia)

[2] A Madrigal Opera (1980)

 1998 by Katie Murphy

[3] Satyagraha (1980)

Satyagraha, Act II, Scene 3, Stuttgart (Horst Huber)

[4] The CIVIL warS: a tree is best measured when it is down. Act V - Rome Section (1983)

the CIVIL warS - Rome Section (Tom Brazil)

[4] Akhnaten (1984)

Akhnaten, Act II, Scene 2, Stuttgart (Horst Huber)

[6] The Juniper Tree (1984)

The Juniper Tree (American Repertory Theater)

[7] The Making of the Representative for Planet 8 (1986)

The Making of the Representative for Planet 8 (English National Opera)

[8] The Fall of the House of Usher (1987)

[9] Hydrogen Jukebox (1990)

CD Cover, Santa Fe 1955/56 (Robert Frank)

[10] O Corvo Branco (White Raven) (1991)

O Corvo Branco, Teatro Cames (Lisbon), 1998 (Joo Guerra, La Razn)

[11] The Voyage (1992)

The Voyage, Metropolitan Opera production, 1992 (Jack Vartoogian)

[12] Orphée (1993)

Orphe, Weikersheim, Germany, 1993

[13] La Belle et la Bête (The Beauty and the Beast) (1994)

La Belle et la Bte Live

[14] Les Enfants Terribles (Children of the Game) (1996)

Les Enfants Terribles (Tom Caravaglia)

[15] The Marriages between Zones Three, Four and Five (1997)

Marriages, Heidelberg Production, 1997 (Bianconero)

[16] Monsters of Grace (1998)

Monsters of Grace, Scene 4, In the Arc of Your Mallet (International Production Associates Inc.)