For Thurs. 8/26/10
Bring your signed syllabus agreement
Analyze "Tristan..." meas. 1-14
Read all of the Wagner material (pgs. 98-103)

For Tues. 8/31/10
Quiz - Other Types of Modulation; Wagner notes & Tristan; Extended Tertian Harmony
Read "Contemprary Music: Change or Repetition?" (p. 3)
Work through Polytonality and Alternative Scale Structures (pgs. 11-15)

For Thurs. 9/9/10
Analyze Debussy's La cathedrale engloutie, bracketing and labeling each scale structure

For Tues. 9/14/10
Read 20th Century Movements (pgs. 51-54)

For Thurs. 9/16/10
Quiz - Alternative Scale Structures, Debussy, La cathedrale engloutie
Read articles on Neo-Classicism and Second Viennese School (pgs. 56-59)
Read articles on Stravinsky (pgs. 94-97), Schoenberg (pgs. 89-92), Berg (p. 76), and Webern (p. 104)

For Tues. 9/28/10
Submit, through the online form, examples of the following styles from motion picture scores.  They are due BEFORE class begins.

For Thurs. 9/20/10
Listening Quiz - 20th-Century Movements
Essay due
One page, double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12pt. font
Compare and contrast two of the 20th-Century movements
Due by email before midnight on 9/29/10